23 October 2011


During my studies at UniMAP, most of the time we were learning about IC design. Almost every semester, we would dedicate ourselves on weekly basis, to go to IC Design Lab at Wisma KWSP Kangar.

During lab session, at times, or maybe most of the time, we would be unattended. The lecturer would stay inside lecturers’ room. Therefore each time we got any problem we need to go inside the room and ask. But need us to bear in our limited mind, asking the lecturer was only our last resort.

When I entered the room, I remember there was a piece of paper stuck on the wall.. it may seem sarcastic but..it is ultimately true.

kot tak nampak, meh saya close up sikit hihi

At my work place now, people seem to walk faster than Daddy-Long-Leg does. I don’t know what they are after, that they cannot seem to mind their step. People here work like robots.

As for me, I will make sure I won't work exceeds 2 hours, or I will regret!

+rasa cam nak tampal kat ofis ja+

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