20 December 2011

Phobia 2

In the middle of final exam, agaknya sbb pressure datang dari segenap arah kot..
Maka saya dak kawan saya decide yang kita perlukan liburan.
So kita pun keluar untuk berlibur.

No no no, we didnt went clubbing or partying...
We only went out for a movie.
It was phobia 2.
5 short movies in 1..
Scary, horror movie I would say.

For stupid reason, I wonder why I decided to watch a horror movie at night.
Dah sah sah la diri tu penakut, geli itu, geli ini..horror movie kn..usually its quite gross.

So I wouldn’t say it is the best horror movie, but it worth a shot la.
I simply like the twist they made in the final short story.
It turned out to be hillarious..tp saspen la.

Try to give it a shot..tp jgn p weekend..tiket mahai..mcm tak berbaloi plak