22 May 2013


Back then during my uni days, I love going to pasar malam with Mimi. I would buy bunch of oranges. I made a vow to eat an orange a day to bust away my skin problem. Since I was an avid buyer, I learned that sweet oranges usually coded with 4013, and sour oranges which usually use to make juice coded qith 4014.

As I graduated, I hardly eat fruits anymore. I  find fruits are too tedious to prepare. I don’t like to peel the skin. I always find junk food is easier, just rip the wrapper open and pop everything inside your mouth.

Last Monday, when I reached office, I saw two oranges on my table and it’s not even Chinese New Year. I knew who gave me those oranges. Must be a friend who will go to fruits section each time she goes to supermarket.

Thanks very much. Do you know that taking enough vitamin C will help to boost your immune system? Therefore it’s a good idea to eat an orange a day. But don’t drag me along, I usually will only eat oranges during CNY hehe.

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