18 April 2013

Happy Birthday Masturah

A friend had been rambling, since we were in Korea, to eat at Ehsan.
 She even sent a proper invitation to 5 of us.
Saying it would be on her, we accepted the invitation in a flash!

Yes, we're (read: I'm) greedy like that.
Don't bother imagining what I looked like when the food came.
Looking back, I'm sure I acted uber primitive.

Breathe in, breathe out, in, and out again.
I keep chanting "Contain yourself colep, the Prophet only eat something near to him."
However this ungrateful best-erd shove her hand and requested for the plate with chilly squid on it, in a split second. The plate was on the other end. Hays attitude! Yes' my attitude is uncontrollable.

After eating, another friend popped open a huge box of cupcakes.
Goodness! I was already bloated!
How could you not tell there will be dessert?!

Stop over reacting colep! Pfftt!!
It was meant for Masturah's birthday.
It was fun small celebration.
I couldn't thank each of them enough for including me in the loop.

Happy birthday Mas.
May God answer all your prayers.
May God grant you and all of us someone who will bring us closer to the Almighty.
God bless you for your kind heart. Hugs!