25 May 2014

Crappy come back

*blow the dust*

How’s life? I bet a lot changed in your life right? Because that’s what happened to mine =)

Losing those who were close to me still feel  surreal. The fact that we are not going to celebrate anything together anymore, that we are not going to see each other during reunion simply rip my heart. Some friends got married and the fact that the number of people they have to care for multiplied, I just simply need to back off and just remain friends on the fringe. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m really happy that they are doing fine and living their lives.

Realizing when things change and its not impossible to be happy, is happy enough for me. I'm doing better at work. Yes, it is tiring but its something that I love doing. My circle of friends changed. I got to try new things. I tried Japanese food and still don’t believe I did! Haha.

In fact there are too many good things happened in my life. I don’t even know where to begin to tell. Cousins got married and our family simply flourishes! Cousins gave birth and everybody is deliriously happy. My best friend who is getting married in Nov, said I look slimmer and he simply put my on the cloud 9.

Hello Hafy! Welcome to the world! Hopefully you'll grow healthier each day, wiser, stronger. We promise to try our best to make you happy and safe. Please bear in mind the fact that we love you even before we lay our eyes on you.

With much love,

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