27 February 2013

Chicken meatloaf salad with apple.

I made chicken meatloaf salad with apple. Yay me! First time ever to make salad.
I bought an iceberg lettuce yesterday. Yes, first time to buy too.

What I did was absolutely simple.

Cabbage - finely cut (cos I don't like the taste raw cabbage.)
Iceberg lettuce - coarse cut.
onion - finely cut.
1/2 apple, cut into quarter and finely cut them
Cut the meatloaf, boil and drain.
You could enjoy this with thousand island or your favourite dressing.

However, since I'm a beginner, and I had no thousand island around, I dumped in a spoonful of mayo instead.
Ok two spoonfuls.
Fine fine! It was three and no regret!
It was good and I absolutely forgot my backup plan to add in anchovies in case it came out horrible.