01 December 2012

December. I'm in love

Today is 1st of December. It is a much-awaited month for me; simply because there will be a few celebrations (perhaps virtually). My dad and I will be celebrating our birthdays, there will be x-mas, and boxing day follows, new year eve which I’m confident will be celebrated with lotsa huge, colourful, amazing fireworks.

Happy birthday to my lovely housemate. I know I should’ve prepared something, but last night I doze off early, this morning I woke up and had my morning jog. I came back home, felt horribly tired, and I passed out without showering. When I woke up and she’s GONE!

Yes, many would think, with her gone, it’s a perfect time to come up with something but I ridiculously decided to go to the office. At the office, I ate lunch, paid bills online, and headache started to develop. I am positive it is due to the huge money flown out in a split second!  Salary these days, you work and get paid just; to pay others  -____-

Mom’s coming cos Mikasa is having a factory sale. Knowing she would delay her every single journey, I warned her, the factory will be closing at 5pm. 2 hours to go and still no sign of her. Sigh..

It’s the beginning of the final month of the year, it’s a good time to reminisce what happen in the last one year. I try hard to count every single blessing, but still, the bumpy ride of the relationship make everything seems horrible. I can’t help from pathetically feeling sorry for myself. My ego is my biggest challenge.

But at times I feel like patting my back, I did numerous first-thing in my life this year. Traveling abroad with my friends, completing 10km-Starwalk competition in Penang, had confirmed my position, got great annual increment (truly thankful for this), had done several travelling with my family, start seriously working out by joining the aerobic and fitness dancing; just to name a few.

There are still a lot of bad habits to be kicked anyway. Improve myself spiritually, to be less doubt in others, to be more organized, to be more hygienic (not that I’m currently not, just need to be a little more), to control my appetite, to be more consistent in controlling my food intake and exercise. More importantly to kick my laziness away -__-

Wish everybody will smile when they reminisce about this year. All the best in achieving your next year resolution. I still need to sit and think about what I want next year. I try to keep it realistic, as this year the marathon is just 40% achievement I would say. Therefore, ensuring next year resolution realistic can be challenging I guess.


p/s: try not to put “consistent in updating blog” in next year’s to-do list. Salute Vivy, Dr.Halina.