21 June 2012

Resolution check

Half a year was gone. I keep thinking I haven’t achieve anything much yet.
I’m trying to revisit my new year resolution and see my progress.

1)  early/ on-time job confirmation (checked)

2) make 12 new friends (1/2 way checked huhu)

3) travel abroad (checked)

4) start craft / scrapbook (cheked)- thanks Jaja for sharing about Daiso

5) Photograph more(checked)

6) Run a marathon (registered)

7) Learn to swim

8) Learn archery

9) Pick up new language (working on it. Yikes)

10) Register with IET (just filled the form, not yet sent)-Postponed

11) Exercise more (checked)

12) Lose weight (feels like removing this out of the list)

13) Learn to cook better (checked) –still learning

p/s: no self-improvement, spirituality improvement & relationship in the list. Is it a bad sign? Sigh..