15 April 2012

Come back with new spirit

I abandoned this blog for a pretty long time. I don't have enough drive to write even too many thing happened in my life. I keep taking pictures, jot down notes but never write!

I turned into an ultimate monotonous, impossible, tired and inactive engineer. I leave to work not-so early in the morning. In fact I'm always 10-20 minutes late. Thank God we have flexi working time.

I tried to made myself busy with some crafting. But nothing impressive I had done so far. I envy Lady Jaja. She had done a lot of impressive craft. Usable ones okay! Mine? Ahahahaha. Pleaseeeee spare the thought! LOL! By the way, Jaja also had made herself busy with photo challenge from fat mum slim! Gosh! She had done it for months and I only bumped into the page last night!

Once I found out about it, I straight away talked to mejon, and thinking of telling this to ichu!
We need a platform to share our photos. Do you wanna join? The more the merrier!

Today's photo : Sunset. I have a few sunset photos. I try to compile them all and show off here. Orang Melayu kata.. tayang! ahahaha

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