01 September 2011

Convo 1

Lumrah kalau nak konvo mesti nak beli kasut baru, baju baru. Tp saya tak la se-excited tu sampai nak segalanya baru.

Since convo is merely 2 weeks away from hari raya, therefore I am thinking of killing two birds with one stone. I'm thinking of buying a brand new pair of shoes for raya; which will also comply the rule for the convo shoes.

Oh UniMAP’s convocation is really making me sick. We are all well aware that we are living in IT era but by simply put things online and expect us to keep checking the strange websites. I emphasais, websiteS! Yes! More than 1 website; and some things need to be done online and the rest need to be done offline. Things are simply messy!

I remember during my UiTM convocation, they simply couriered a package. Included in the package was car sticker (act as an VIP token s we will be able to enter UiTM campus), answer cards, invitation letter, letters from various departments, clarifying & justifying debt status and the list goes on until the package is complete. It was simply systematic.

Before I stop, I hate the idea that to confirm the attendance, we need to click on a button; which then will lead us to a pdf letter of agreement to attend.

If we go back to previous link, the damn attend button is still there as if we didn’t do anything before. It freaked me out, had the data been stored? Of course I will click on it again, to ensure my name to appear in the attendance list. More annoying, if we go back to the link tomorrow, the button is still there; asking for attendance confirmation. Of course I click on it again. The day after it will still be there and I’ll click; and the things keep on repeating; annoyingly. Urgh! I ultimately hated it, am hating it and will keep on hating it!


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